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I've bounced around from drawing to basic programming, to animation, to video production, and now to photography and graphic design. These last two have given me a greater creative control that I've never been able to have before. I truly enjoy being able to create great looking images!

What has made this take off for me is my wife, Amanda. She has found that she has a great love for photography, and she has a great eye for it! This has given us a common interest that we enjoy doing together. She takes the pictures, and I do the post production of them in Photoshop. As we've done pictures for people, we've found that they have some design needs that we can do, and love doing, but haven't advertised well. That is the point of this Clawson Designs, to showcase our talent and passion for graphic design.

For my day job, I've worked in Web development for the past 6 years, where my Graphic Design has come into play every day.

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